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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moving on

Good afternoon.....hope that you were able to take the time to vote yesterday, regardless of who you supported.  As I get older I feel it's extremely important to exercise our rights as citizens, plus there's the old adage that "you can't really complain if you don't vote."  So there's that, too.

I have to say that I was very invested in the outcome of the election, but now it's over and the folks who were chosen by our cities, counties, districts, states and country can get ready to get to work.  So the rest of us should move forward with, well, whatever.

Thanksgiving is TWO WEEKS from tomorrow.  Boy, talk about something sneaking up on you!  I don't think we yet know where we'll celebrate or with whom, but I'm looking forward to a few days off.

And, of course, following Thanksgiving is the invevitable rush to Christmas and New Year's.  I can say with sincerity and honesty that we're NOT READY.  My wife and I were debating whether or not we had bought Christmas cards last year (they're always cheaper after the holidays, on clearance), and after exploring a few logical storage and hiding places, I have to conclude that, no, we didn't buy cards.  So that's job one for the holidays.

I think I commented here last year that we get fewer and fewer cards from people each year, and I think Facebook and other forms of social media are at the heart of it.  Used to be that the only news we'd get from some people was in the form of a Christmas card, but now people tend to spill their lives onto Facebook or elsewhere and it's generally assumed that those who need to know about things already do.  Call me old-fashioned, but neither my wife nor I have seen the wisdom or value in using Facebook to any extent.  So if you've been getting cards from us, you probably will again this year, whether you sent us one or not.

So there.

Christmas shopping will be a little different this year, too, as we're planning an eventual all-family vacation (us, our kids their families), so I expect that we'll be making vacation fund contributions this year in place of some of the usual gifts and such.

And then, before we know it, it will be 2013.  Wow.

Well, it now appears I have too much to do to continue.  Until next time......


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