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Friday, July 20, 2012

52 pickup

Good morning, all....and happy birthday to me.  52.  Gotta remember to change my Blogger profile.

I write this having just learned of the horrific mass shooting in a movie theater outside of Denver, Colorado last night at a midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises."  This is a movie that I have anticipated as much as anyone, and my wife and I will be seeing it this weekend (more on that later).  I truly hope that the gunman, whom initial news reports indicate acted alone, was not somehow motivated to these acts of violence by this film.  Certainly will make one think.

Anyway, the day is off to a pretty good start....I just had a nice breakfast, and am watching the Open Championship (British Open to the masses) golf tournament  May be my favorite major champtionship, as it's kind of like four consecutive days of Christmas morning, as a writer recently expressed.  Unpredictable conditions, golf courses that don't look like they've been fertilized and watered into submission, rough as high as one's waist, and knowledgeable (and wearing weather-appropriate clothing, too) fans to see the action in person.  Gotta love it.

It's been a good week, actually.  I managed to play golf twice in the past week, once in a rain-shortened round, and that rain has recurred enough that I actually mowed the lawn yesterday.  Haven't really had to do that for some time.  Prepared a few pretty good meals for my wife and me, since I wasn't traveling this week (and that made it a good week for different reasons, of course).  Had lunch with a good friend this week.

And my Cincinnati Reds continue to be in or near first place in their division, having won eight of their last ten games.  The only area of concern I have for the Reds is that their star slugger Joey Votto will be out for a few weeks with a knee injury.  But that knee injury, which would sideline a nonathlete for quite some time, doesn't appear serious.  Let's hope not.

To cap off this momentous week, my wife and I are going to Cincinnati for the weekend, using some hard-earned hotel points for our stay.  We'll dine, we'll shop, we'll windowshop (more that than real shopping, I'm certain), and we will see "The Dark Knight Rises" on Sunday morning on an IMAX screen, a format where the projection screen is eight to twelve times taller than a standard movie screen, which provides an immersive viewing experience (but a lot more comfortable than even modern iterations of 3D, which I find to be a little annoying, since I wear bifocals).  In reference to what happened last night in the Denver area, my spirits are dampened a little bit but I'm still very anxious to see this, the final installment in director Christopher Nolan's Batman opus.

So I'll bid you a good day and a good weekend, now that I'm just a smidgen closer to official "old guy" territory!


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