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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On and on

Mitt Romney won the Florida Republican primary last night, but Newt Gingrich vows to fight on, adopting the new slogan "46 states to go."  So nothing has been decided.

As someone who does not lean in the general direction of the GOP, I can't quite decide how I feel about this, or what I would prefer to happen.  What I do know, though, is that I am kind of amazed at how these SuperPACs are now dominating the political landscape, and making it even harder to persuade good and decent men and women to seek high office in this country.

Can't fix it here and now, so I suppose the theater of the absurd is destined to continue for a while yet.


Kentucky's basketball team certainly appears to be on its game about now, and common thinking has always been that a team that's good in February is a lot more dangerous than one that's good in November. Should be a very interesting couple of months ahead for the Big Blue Nation.

Speaking of Big Blue, I favor the other team that's called that, the New York Football Giants (I love writing that phrase, even though the BASEBALL Giants left New York in the mid 1950s).  I HATE the New England Patriots, HATE their sanctimonious coach, Bill Belichick, who will do anything to get an edge over his opponent.  And I hate their quarterback, characterized by one national sports commentator as the "impossibly handsome" Tom Brady.  He is an attitudinal extension of his coach, I suppose, so that's probably why I'm not fond of him, either.  So go Giants on Sunday.

The real fun of the Super Bowl is always the commercials, and I am avoiding YouTube this week, where I believe that some of the upcoming ads can already be viewed.  That ruins the surprise, and that's half the fun.  Keep score while you're watching.  Not planning to watch the halftime show, as Madonna has never been among my favorites.

I think it's funny that the national news programs are paying so much attention to the winter that wasn't this year.  No complaints here, I hate cold weather.  But the amount of airtime devoted to this aberration has been kind of interesting.

OK, let's get to work.


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