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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

He's out

Did you see where New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced yesterday that he will NOT run for the Republican nomination for President?  This guy has been saying this for quite a while, but no one seemed to believe him.  Hope they will now.

One related aspect of this story was that several political commentators noted that they felt Christie, who is a large man, was unfit to be President because he has a weight issue.  As a larger-than-average person that offended me somewhat, but I suppose that it's the job of these commentators to find something to mention, point out, identify or otherwise flog to make their point.  Like Governor Christie, my size has never prevented me from accomplishing anything I set out to do, personally or professionally, and the statements some made that being overweight is a signal of a lack of discipline is actually a not-so-subtle form of bigotry.  And we have enough of that already directed at our sitting President.

So Christie will not be running.  Funny that the majority of Republicans appear to want someone other than the current 46 candidates to be their nominee.  There was an initial rush to Texas Governor Rick Perry when he announced his candidacy, but a few things have come to light since then that have dulled some people's enthusiasm for his chances.  And we know that Sarah Palin is still playing possum with the media about whether or not she'll run.

Someone else who's "out" as of today is former Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona (for whom I have a soft spot, as he once played first base for my Cincinnati Reds).  Francona wanted out, apparently, as he felt he had lost the team and they weren't responding to his leadership.  This guy only won two World Series for the Sawx (2004 and again in 2007) after the franchise hadn't won one since 1918 (the year they sold Babe Ruth's contract to the New York Yankees).  So someone will hire him, if he wants to manage again.  And after their spectacular collapse in September, blowing a massive lead in the American League wild card race, whomever follows Francona will have their work cut out for them.

Hank Williams, Jr. didn't sing his trademark theme song before this past week's Monday Night Football game, having said some things that ESPN felt were inappropriate.  No word yet on whether this was a one-time thing or a permanent removal from the broadcasts.  Honestly, does it matter if Hank has political opinions and also sings the theme song for a GAME?

And, finally, I should revise my title to mention that "she's out," referring to Amanda Knox, newly free after winning an overturn of her murder conviction in Italy.  I really don't have any thoughts on whether she was guilty or not, but I think the Italian authorities may have a point that they felt the pressure of the American media in this case.


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