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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some of it serious, some not

Another varied post coming up, folks.  Stay with me, and I'll try to justify your patience.

Just returned from another whirlwind business trip of two days.  I like the 'quick trip' a lot of the time, but it seems you just arrive in a location and all of a sudden you're packing to leave.  Which is the whole point, I suppose, but it's a little hard on the nerves sometimes.  This week's destination was Richmond, Virginia, where I interviewed a candidate for an expansion sales position on Tuesday and then met with our incumbent rep in that market yesterday morning.  I arrived at the Courtyard Marriott near the Richmond airport (since I was only having meetings that location made sense) and upon arrival was told by one of the front desk agents that I had been upgraded.  Now, I travel enough to know intuitively what that means regarding flights (moving from coach to first class, or baggage to coach) but I'm less experienced with upgrades within the hotel environment.  Gal said that I'd really like it, this was a really nice room.  She wasn't kidding.  I got a suite, with a living room, wet bar, fridge and microwave for the cost of my scheduled room.  Nice.  About the only complaint I had was that the air conditioners in that space (one in the living room, another in the bedroom area) may have been the loudest in the history of hotels.  Of course, that drowned out the sound of planes taking off and landing, so there's that.

And I experienced something else unique on this trip.  I had the same flight attendant on both directions of my trip.  Apparently this Comair (Delta Connection) attendant flies the Cincinnati-to-Richmond-and-back loop frequently.  We had a good laugh about the coincidence.  I didn't notice if the pilots were the same, only that there were two present for each flight.

While I was sitting in the airport waiting to fly home, I saw on an airport television that President Obama announced that he was releasing his "long form" birth certificate, which should once and for all quell all of the ugly claims that he is "ineligible" to be President.  And near the end of the whole "birther" cycle Donald Trump, who sounds nearly as ridiculous as he looks, announced he's looking into the President's academic history, saying "he understood" that the President was not a good student, yet gained entry into Columbia and Harvard Law.  Others are now clamoring for the President to release his grade transcripts.

My God.  This is what it's come to?  Sarah Palin and Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck all claim something to be so, and the entire national media gloms onto the story as though it's all verified fact?  Tea Partiers want to "take back our country."  From whom?

As the President himself said yesterday, "We don't have time for this kind of silliness."  Thank you.  He also said that he "had more important stuff to do."  Again, thank you.  Someone needs to lay this to rest, but I have a sinking feeling that it will keep on and keep on.

If you agree that this is all as deplorable as I feel that it is, check out Goldie Taylor's commentary from yesterday on  It's a good read, I promise, and she specifically states what many (including me) have thought all along.

OK, I feel better now.


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