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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I don't know....

....but here's what I think about a few things.

First, during a recently completed business trip I happened to see Bill Maher's "Real Time" show on HBO.  I don't usually plug anyone's programs here, but because I'm too cheap to have HBO at home I don't see this all that often.  If you remember, Bill used to do essentially the same show for Comedy Central and then ABC, and called it "Politically Incorrect."  It was and still is largely a panel discussion with him as the moderator, and the panel might be folks from the news media, politics, sports, entertainment, or other fields.  What struck me this time was that he played a clip from 2005 in which he correctly predicted the bursting of the housing bubble, which in turn led to bank failures and the near-collapse of Wall Street and our economic system.  It was good, and I just discovered that previously aired episodes are available as podcasts on iTunes!  Go get a couple and you'll see that it's time well spent...and you'll laugh while you're thinking, which is a good thing.

Damn, but I'm so sick of winter!  Kentucky had more snow yesterday and last night, and I apparently returned home just ahead of it.  Woke up this morning to reports on TV of a current temperature of SIX degrees.  I mean, really, this isn't International Falls, Minnesota, is it?

Let me get this straight....the NFL runs the Super Bowl, but in addition to the NFL, some bright soul who represents one of the victims of "SeatGate" at last Sunday's game has also decided to sue the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones, is that correct?  Can you say "settlement?"

I was kind of amused and kind of disturbed earlier in the week when it was announced that NASA had completed their review and analysis of Toyota's data concerning their sudden-acceleration issues and found that there were no electrical or software-related causes for that problem.  The end result is that it was most likely floor mats that bunched up with the accelerator pedals in some cars.  I'm sorry, but that's been an inherent risk since the first time I put mats in a car (before all cars seemed to come with them) and I would inadvertently shove the mat forward every time I got into the vehicle.  See above, I suppose.

Did you see where Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol both attempted to trademark their names?  Not very presidential, in my view, but I think Sarah's having too much fun snarking at those who are in office to become one herself.  Besides, she wouldn't want to take that much of a pay cut.  My long-held opinion is that if she does decide to run for President that it will be as a third-party candidate, so that she can bypass the entire primary election system.  But that's just me.

Finally, I saw that Aaron Rodgers, the Super Bowl MVP quarterback of the newly crowned champion Green Bay Packers, was the lucky person to say "I'm going to Disney World" at the conclusion of the game.  Do you think that, if the outcome had been different, Disney would have chosen Big Ben to go?  Hmmm.....


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