New Shoes in the Rain

Friday, May 21, 2010

Reflections from the road

As I write this post, I'm sitting in a bakery in Montgomery, Alabama, in a behind-numbing chair that apparently has seen its better days.  I've just about concluded a three day road trip for my company and my fourth travel day of this week.  This trip involved sales calls and representing the organization in a charity golf event outside of the city here.  With all of that in mind, I have some open questions I'd like to pose to no one in particular....

Isn't it nice to hear everyone (or nearly everyone, anyway) speak with a lilting Southern drawl?

This part of the country has endured some pretty serious rain over the past several weeks.  With that being the case, how can a golf course have such rock-hard ground all over it?  About the only thing that was soft were the greens.  Everything else was hard-pan with very short and spotty grass.

Why do certain parts of the country NOT restrict smoking in certain places, like restaurants?  The information on the health risks of second-hand smoke are available for all to see, isn't it?

We had good, if hot, weather for our golf event yesterday.  Then last night a major storm system blew through the southeast and dropped significant rain on the Montgomery area.  How, then, did the power in the hotel go out THIS MORNING?

OK, enough questions.

My beloved Cincinnati Reds have been a great source of pride over the past couple of weeks, winning the majority of their games and surging briefly into first place in their division.  They lost two heartbreakers in Atlanta over the past couple of days (one more question--why was the Reds-Braves game not televised Wednesday night in the Montgomery area?) but I'm very hopeful the boys will shake it off and resume their mostly winning ways.

Saw a blurb this morning that Tiger Woods' apparently estranged wife Elin is going for the fences, asking $750 million and FULL custody of the couple's two children.  Pay up, Tiger.  Allowing this sordid set of circumstances to drag on cannot be good for anyone involved.

And, with that, it's time to head to the airport to head for home.  Have a good weekend!


  • You are so cute Mr. Smith! And yes, here in CA we enjoyed your southern drawl more than you know or maybe you do!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At January 18, 2011 at 1:04 AM  

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