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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Observations on the sporting life

I'm no sports expert, nor am I a journalist of any ilk, but what I am is a very interested observer in many aspects of the sports world. And a few things caught my attention since my last posting, which was about my Kentucky Wildcats of various sports. To wit:

KENTUCKY FOOTBALL LOSES 25TH CONSECUTIVE GAME TO TENNESSEE: What is it about trying to beat their border rivals that causes so much heartache for Kentucky's up-and-coming football program? Around Lexington there was a lot of talk that "this could be the year" and I even encountered a member of Kentucky's athletic administration who gave me a couple of "Beat Tennessee" bumper stickers, which popped up all over town. Yet, once again, the Cats fell short and disappointed fans question coaching decisions, etc. Truth be told, Tennessee's skill players appear to be better, for the most part, than Kentucky's, and in greater supply. Until that changes we can expect this quarter-century streak to continue.

TIGER WOODS INJURED IN UNUSUAL AUTO ACCIDENT: My, the waters filled with sharks awfully quickly after this story broke. That this occurred within days of a tabloid's revelation that Tiger was allegedly enjoying an extracurricular affair with a restaurant hostess is potentially not a coincidence, but I side with the few in the media who say that it's really his business, not the public's. What this might do to sully Tiger's reputation is the public's business, I suppose. Regardless, there's probably a logical explanation, but only those close to the situation know what that explanation is.

SAINTS 11-0: Need I say more? Has a city ever needed this kind of feel-good story more than New Orleans? I've only visited there once, well before Katrina took the wind out of this city's sails, but it's great to see the citizens of that area have something that can give them justifiable pride. Well done, Sean Payton, Drew Brees (my son's favorite fantasy quarterback) and the rest of the Saints. Anyone remember when they were scornfully called the Aints? I do....

HOCKEY PLAYER INJURES TEAMMATE WITH OWN STICK: Say what you will about other "major" sports, but there's no less strange combination of stunning athletic ability and brute force than professional hockey, especially in the National Hockey League. Just last night a Florida Panthers player swung his stick wildly in frustration at allowing an opposing player to score. In doing so he hit his own goalie in the head. The goalie appears to be well on the way to a full recovery, but that just shows that it's very easy to get hurt in this rough-and-tumble sport. Now, let's be careful out there....

THANKSGIVING NFL GAMES TURKEYS THIS YEAR: Other than the unexpected beatdown that the Broncos put on the Giants Thanksgiving night, the NFL could see from miles away that the two earlier games, Green Bay at Detroit and Oakland at Dallas, were going to be one-sided, boring affairs. My wife and I were thankful that the DVR was full and we had some time to play catch-up, as we invested little time in either of the day's games, waiting for that evening to see the Broncos whup the Giants.

NOTRE DAME FIRES CHARLIE WEIS, PAYING RUMORED $18 MILLION TO SAY GOODBYE: Need I say more? That may be why the "elite" college football coaches in the country are not exactly clamoring for the chance to coach at Notre Dame.

Now, be a good sport, will you?


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