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Friday, October 16, 2009

Gram and Poppy ride again

Our second grandchild arrived yesterday afternoon via Caesarean section. The little doll's gorgeous. She's also enormous, clocking in at ten pounds, one ounce, and the baby girl next crib down in the nursery weighed in at a slightly less impressive nine pounds, fifteen ounces. No boys born yesterday that I saw....they would probably have been afraid of these new, capable women.

But she's absolutely precious. I had the opportunity to hold her earlier today, and, just as with our first granddaugther, the feeling is indescribable. As a card-carrying stepfather I didn't have that opportunity with my kids, but you had better believe I don't miss an opportunity with my grandchildren.

I'm "Poppy," by the way, and my wife has the nom de grandparent of "Gram." She wasn't going anywhere near any name that involved the word "grand," so that's what our daughter came up with when she had her first a bit more than four years ago.

And I love the sound of our granddaughter addressing me as "Poppy." Except with her it's almost always said this way:

"Um, Poppy, _____?"

Well, you'd have to hear it to get it, but I just love it when I hear it.

I'd post a picture here, but since we're doing that "names have been changed to protect the innocent" thing, I'd better not. Suffice it to say that she looks nothing like me, thank God, but is already showing a strong resemblance to a nice combination of both of her parents' physical traits.

And we're expecting a baby boy via our daughter's Denver-based clan in about three weeks!

In short, it's a great time to be Gram and Poppy!


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